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3 CE's per Module


Introduction to Michael & The Academy

I am delighted that you are visiting the Academy, this is the home to my life long dedication and passion, Thai Yoga Bodywork. I have been practicing this art form since 1997 and began teaching students and other massage therapists in 1999. I spent a decade working at the Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA,  where I became a senior massage therapist as well as a teacher and a director of their 500hr Massage Therapy Program.  I learned how to create powerful experiential workshops and have spent the last decade developing my own Thai Massage Certification Training program. This NCBTMB CE approved program pulls from my lifelong studies of the Healing Arts and my 15 plus trips to Thailand and synthesizes that all into an enjoyable and easily digestible educational experience. I have shared this program with thousands of students and know that it truly works...I can guarantee your CE's, your success and that, with completion of the program, that you will be able to give skillful and effective treatments without straining yourself!

I invite you to give it a try and I offer the first 'Thai on the Table' module class for free...Please visit my website for more information about me, including Testimonials, my Thailand Study Abroad Program, Live Hands On Classes, Online Webinars, Massage Treatments and more...

I currently reside, practice and teach Thai Yoga Bodywork in Asheville, NC. 

You are most welcome to visit and receive a treatment

The VIP Package (24 CE's)

Get Certified as a 'Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner' with Lifetime Access to all of Michael's Courses: The Foundational Flow, Therapeutic Stretches & Table Thai. This package also includes personal 1 on 1 support via phone and email consultations with Michael

Student Testimonials...

Online Course Testimonial...

by Adriena Dame, Healing Arts Practitioner in Louisville, KY

"Michael Sitzer's Thai Yoga Bodywork training is a true treasure--one that shines brighter than any of the other tools that I have gleaned in my career as licensed massage therapist and healing arts practitioner. I took the first training in person with Michael and a beautiful group of other like-minded students. The experience was magical. It was as if we were enveloped in an immersive healing retreat, as Michael is so adept at fluidly radiating Metta energy (the energy of loving kindness) throughout every aspect of the training from start to finish. His teaching style is one that speaks simultaneously to the brain and to the heart, which makes learning the practical application of Thai Yoga Bodywork quite effortless. He is humble, patient, kind, helpful, and abounding with knowledge, which he imparts in a way that is easily understood. When Michael transitioned to a virtual teaching framework, I was reluctant to participate because I thought I would miss out on something special--Michael's presence and his energy, interaction with other students, and the kind of quality learning experience that I had when I participated in the live training. However, I took the leap, enrolled in the training, and was met with the realization that Michael is just as masterful a teacher online as he is in person. He made sure that we could all see his every movement from a couple of different angles (which is actually more than what I was able to see in the in-person class). We also had just as many opportunities to participate in Metta meditation, to practice his bodywork teachings, to ask questions, and to interact with him and other students, . . . Overall, Michael's online training workshops are actually quite phenomenal. I am grateful that I can learn from him in this deeply satisfying way."

Kripalu Professional Testimonial

by Steven (Devarshi) Hartman, Past Dean of Kripalu's Professional Trainings

"Michael was an esteemed Kripalu faculty member for many years. I worked with Michael personally and found him to be a man of great character and purpose, who helped propel our Kripalu School of Massage forward in every way. He was a valuable leader, team member, and a skilled teacher, both in content and in personal and group dynamics. Michael is a person of integrity and his word."

Course Testimonial

by Rachael Garcia, LMT & Acupuncturist in CA

This was probably the best CE class I've ever had the pleasure of taking. The class was a true meditation and a spiritual gift. Thank you so very much. I felt honored to be there, and now feel empowered to work more regularly like this."

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Earn 3 CE's per Module

Awarded by Michael Sitzer, NCBTMB Approved Provider #451645-11

A printable certificate will automatically be awarded upon completion of each Module and passing a short multiple choice quiz. You can submit the certificate to your state massage board for CE credit.

52 Hour Practitioner Certification Requirements:

Receive your Certification as a 'Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner'

In order to receive a 52 hour Practitioner Certification, you must complete three requirements: 1) Completion of all six modules with passing grades. 2) Submit documentation of 16 practice treatments 3) Complete a 'check out' session with a LMT or someone with Thai Massage experience. I will send you more details upon registration or you can read more at: